Welcome to the Brain Awareness Website!

This website is maintained by the Alabama Life Research Institute to provide information on the brain, neuroscience, and the ways in which students and faculty research the brain at the University of Alabama. Use the links below to access content curated for various age groups and audiences, all in our effort to make the brain (and those who study it) more accessible, fun, and informative.

Kid's Corner

Click here for info that’s accessible to kids in preschool and elementary school! Looking for games, songs, and videos about this brain? This is the perfect place to get started.

Middle & High School Students

This page has content for middle and high school students: you’ll find more advanced articles, fact sheets, videos, and interactive webpages.


This page is for college students and beyond! If you’re interested in learning about neuroscience or specific neurological disorders, this page was made just for you.

Coaches, Educators, & Parents

Click here for a list of resources for educators, parents, teachers, coaches, and more!

Neuroscience at UA

Click here to learn more about how neuroscience is studied at the University of Alabama, including faculty, labs, and research methods.

ALRI Homepage

The ALRI brings together researchers from education, engineering, behavioral science, natural sciences, neuroscience, population and public health, arts and humanities, and business.