Middle & High School Students

Are you a student in middle or high school? Are you interested in learning about the brain? This page was made just for you, so you can learn about the brain and why it's important to keep it healthy!

More Brain Anatomy Links

Build a Brain Hat

Learn the brain by assembling and coloring your own brain hat!

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Zooming in on the Human Brain, a Video

screenshot of clip from video

Watch an awesome, quick video about the human brain, from the Allen Institute.

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3D Print a Neuron

If you have access to a 3D printer (check out the library at UA if you're close to the University of Alabama campus), you can 3D print a model of a real neuron! Copy/paste this web address for the UA library's 3D printer: https://www.lib.ua.edu/using-the-library/3d-print/#/Available_Options

Ready. Set. Print.

Map your own Brain

brain homonculus

Take sensitivity measurements and enter them into the web page to make your very own cortical homunculus.

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Brain Fact or Fiction Quiz

fact or fiction

See if you can figure out which of these statements are true and which are false!

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Caffeine and the Brain

image of hot coffee

Check out this short video to learn all about how caffeine impacts your brain!

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Get a Brain Workout

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Try out some of these puzzles to learn about how the brain changes with age!

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Q&A about the Brain

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Check out this pamphlet with answers to numerous questions about how research is advancing our understanding of the brain in health and disease.

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Approximate number of neurons in the brain, in billions!


Average weight of the human brain, in pounds!


Percentage of the body's energy consumed by the human brain!


Percentage of the brain that's made up of water!


Pairs of cranial nerves going from the human brain!


Approximate height of the human brain in millimeters.